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Anthony Bourdain em Lisboa: já estreou

por Raul Lufinha, em 02.05.12

Uma ginjinha para Anthony Bourdain  Fotografia: Travel Channel


Estreou dia 30 nos EUA o episódio de No Reservations sobre Lisboa gravado em Dezembro passado. No site do Travel Channel já estão disponíveis vários vídeos.


A GINJINHA | Largo de São Domingos, 8, ao Rossio, Lisboa, Portugal

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Anthony Bourdain em Moçambique: "The food here is the best I've had in Africa"

por Raul Lufinha, em 11.04.12

Fotografia: Travel Channel


A oitava temporada do programa No Reservations estreou esta semana nos EUA, com Anthony Bourdain a viajar até Moçambique.


No site do Travel Channel já estão disponíveis vários vídeos do episódio.

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Porque vão os chefs aos festivais e eventos gastronómicos

por Raul Lufinha, em 06.02.12

Eric Ripert

"Cayman Cookout 2012", The Ritz Carlton, Cayman Islands, Jan. 2012


"Restaurant work is so much more than simply cooking and serving customers.


One of the things that any business must be involved in is marketing.


For a restaurant and its chef, it has become increasingly important to get your name circulating and to make some public appearances.


Food festivals are held everywhere and it can be a very valuable experience for a chef to get out, meet other chefs and listen to what the public has to say in a less formal environment.


Traveling to food events and festivals can also be an opportunity to experience and be inspired by another place.


It’s very difficult for chefs to take actual vacations so being involved in an event can be a way to mix business and pleasure."


ERIC RIPERT, Chef do LE BERNARDIN (3 *** 2012, 4 **** NYT, #18 2011), 26 Jan. 2012


LE BERNARDIN |155 West 51st Street, New York, EUA | Chef Eric Ripert

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"The notion that hard working, hard pressed families with little time and slim budgets have to eat crappy, processed food is nonsense"

por Raul Lufinha, em 04.02.12

"One of the things I’m always looking at as I travel around the world is 'where the cooks come from'.  And if there’s a regular feature, a common thread wherever you go in this world, it’s that the best cooks and often the best chefs come from the poorest or most challenging regions.


And it is without doubt that the greatest, most beloved and iconic dishes in the pantheon of gastronomy — in any of the world’s mother cuisines — French, Italian or Chinese — originated with poor, hard-pressed, hard working farmers and laborers with no time, little money and no refrigeration.


Pot au Feu, Coq au Vin, Sup Tulang, Cassoulet, pasta, polenta, confit — all of them began with the urgent need to make something good and reasonably sustaining out of very little.


So many of the French classics began with the need to throw a bunch of stuff into a single pot over the coals, leave it simmering unattended all day while the family worked the fields, hopefully to return to something tasty and filling that would get them through the next day.


French cooking, we tend to forget now, was rarely (for the majority of Frenchmen) about the best or the priciest or even the freshest ingredients. It was about taking what little you had or could afford and turning it into something delicious without interfering with the grim necessities of work and survival. 


The people I’m talking about here didn’t have money—or time to cook.  And yet, along with similarly pressed Italians, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Indians and other hungry innovators around the world, they created many of the enduring great dishes of history.


So the notion that hard working, hard pressed families with little time and slim budgets have to eat crappy, processed food – or that unspeakably, proudly unhealthy “novelty dishes” that come from nowhere but the fevered imaginations of marketing departments – are, or should be, the lot of the working poor is nonsense."


ANTHONY BOURDAIN, Chef, escritor e apresentador de televisão, 28 Ago. 2011

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Partilha de experiências e emoções gastronómicas

Raul Lufinha


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